Interior Design Workshop ‘How to develop a design concept’ by Global Inspirations Design

Have you ever wondered how interior designers develop a concept? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by choices or stuck for ideas with regards to your design projects? Then this workshop may be exactly what you need!

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Interior Design – How To Live Large In A Small Condo

Discover designer Melissa Davis’s brilliant small space decorating secrets!

When Melissa downsized to a condo for her and her son, she didn’t go the typical small space decorating route. Instead, she relied on large furniture to anchor the space and an open-concept floor plan to create great flow. A large dining table that seats 10 has additional seating that doubles as storage. A big sofa centers the living room, while collected art decorates the space throughout. Both bedrooms are kept simple, leaving space to evolve over time. The result is a condo that has all the comforts of a house.

Concept Study: Mission E – Interior design.

The Concept Study Mission E is our tribute to tomorrow. To the technological opportunities – but above all to the people who want to make use of this technology. That‘s why in Concept Study Mission E, principles come to bear which have actually been intrinsic to every Porsche since the birth of the 356 in 1948: lightness, openness, purism, clear architecture, driver-orientation and day-to-day usability.